The Grosvenor Hotel

My hardworking Father came to me the other week and broke some news. He said “Luce, if you come with me to me to your grandfather’s 80th party in Chester, I will buy you any pair of shoes you want.”

Now, for some context, my grandfather does not fit the ‘grand’ or ‘father’ criteria. He has not been a part of my childhood, nor was he for my father. However, you only turn 80 once and a pair of shoes is a pair of shoes. I could not say no. Furthermore, I treasure the time I spend with my father as I always come out 10 times wiser, meaning I did not mind accompanying him. So, we went, we said hello, we gave my ‘grandfather’ a present which had been wrapped by my mother; neither of us knew what it was; we then left.

The train from Chester station to Euston was civilised and comfortable. I met a young lady from Canada who told me every trial and error she had encountered in her life, including her engagement story and how she lost her mother at a young age. My Father did work and I tried to look out the window, like in the movies, thinking of how I could better myself. Honestly, I thought mostly about the party I had gone to with all my friends a few nights before and all the crazy antics that had occurred.

From Euston we caught a train to London Victoria. As you may know, London Victoria is the second busiest station in the London train link, with 85,337,996 entries and exits, on average, per year. Yes, all these facts are all relative, but really it has never felt like London Victoria was an extraordinarily over-crowded place. In fact, I have always loved the buzz and drama of the forever flowing crowds. It somehow makes you feel a part of London. You could be caught up in a school of tourists and yet still feel like a Londoner.

This day was an exception. Instead of stepping off the platform onto what was usually a clear junction, we stepped off into the middle of an 80m indoor Olympic sprint race. Floods of people were coming from every direction, in fact there was no direction, just appearing from mid-air. My father looked at me as a surge of panic dawned upon my face. I knew our train connecting us back home was minutes away and the thought of being delayed made my bags seem 20 times heavier. As far as I could see were waves of bobbling heads and arms stretching above to make people’s surface areas smaller. Announcements were being launched from every possible speaker turning into one

large vibration. Angry locals heaved their way forwards as if everyone around them did not have a heartbeat. My father, looking at me calmly, said “follow me.”

I did as I was told and locked in the back of his head in my eyesight and did not let go of it. We weaved our way through the crowds until my father took a step onto a wooden staircase. These wooden panels had appeared out of nowhere and contrasted with the worn marble floors of Victoria station. It was as if it was the stairway to heaven. I asked my father where on earth we were and how we got here. He replied with “we are in the Grosvenor Hotel, darling!”

The air felt fresh and filtered. The ceilings were tall and spacious. It seemed as if my Father was the only person who knew about the Grosvenor, no one was in there. Other than one elderly couple enjoying afternoon tea. We were seated by a window looking onto the inside of Victoria station. It seemed as if I was viewing people form a one way mirror. I could see them and they could not see me. We were treated like royalty, upon reflection I feel silly for just ordering a Diet Coke as I feel a glass of champagne would have been more fitting. The wall was acting like a seal, as if we were inside a glass bottle. We were informed that this was a normal mid-summer Saturday.

The Grosvenor itself is sophisticated and offers a wide range of finger sandwiches, traditional (and non-traditional) teas, coffee, 100 plus year old wines and incredibly comfortable chairs. My father told me that this was his escape when London became

turmoil. I almost do not want to recommend his hotel hide away because then it would simply lose its magic.

I then began to think. The seat that I was sitting was almost like a mini throne. I could see every aspect of London through the people below me. I thought about every first that would have happened in front of this window. First dates, first loves, first kisses, first heart breaks, first stories, first “I’m sorry”, first “yes’” and first “no’s. Seeds of history are planted here and it is all because of space, space that people are free to gather undercover and go out into the mystery of London City.

I think London Victoria station is dependent on fate. Every person that passes through the station passes through at the right time. Their footprint is engraved onto the floor and each step contributes to the way in which London works. One too many footprints could cause a

disaster but, equally, so could one too few. The Grosvenor helped me realise many things on that day. It helped me to value my father even more and value other people’s every-day existence. Everyone has a purpose and Victoria definitely highlights that.



All I am seeing at the moment is check. Check coats, check bags, check trousers, check skirts, check pinafores… Gingham took over the summer and its sister, check, is taking over the winter. To me ‘check’ consists of tartan, plaid, gingham etc… This is right, however, there are some small distinguishable differences between them. The main difference being, plaid is actually the fabric/cloth used for the garment, not the actual pattern design.

Screen Shot 2017-10-30 at 10.08.26

Anyway, to avoid confusion, I will stick with the word ‘check’ as a collective term for each different fabric.

I love how classic check looks. I feel like it touches on many periods of fashion history, such as the 90s. To me, the 90s highlights a perfect example of check. Mainly because of my all-time favourite movie, Clueless, features the iconic yellow tartan Dolce & Gabbana suit that Cher wears at the beginning. I am forever wishing my secondary school experience was as chic as Chers. The dreamy high-school-cool-girl style and overzealous colours just emulate the perfect 90s look.

I thought I would do a quick little post on my favourite check outfit of this month!

Processed with VSCO with c1 presetProcessed with VSCO with c1 preset

Dress: TOPSHOP A-Line Check Pinafore, Jacket: ASOS Red Aviator Jacket, T-shirt: ASOS White Ribbed Long-sleeve

This outfit definitely helps me channel my inner cluelessness. The way sits on the mid-thigh and pinches in at the waist, creates a really girly preppy look. I also love the v-neck, it almost frames any necklace/jewelry you wear. This p

inafore has been popping up everywhere, and I have seen it styled in many ways. I think with the white high neck long-sleeve, gives it a uniform vibe. I went for bare legs, which is probably not ideal for winter time, but seeing as its 20 degrees one day and -15 degrees another, I thought it could work. The red faux suede aviator jacket accentuates the red checked detailing on the pinafore and really completes the look. I think it adds bulk and warmth to the look.

I wore this outfit into London one day when I went for afternoon tea at the Ham Yard Hotel. I did wear tights on this day as it was -15 degrees. I think, with tights, it would be perfect for work/a formal situation and then without tights, it gives you a totally different relaxed look.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Reebok C 85

Hope you enjoyed this lil post-





With the cold weather imminent, I knew it was time for a new jumper influx. Usually, I tend to stray towards monochromatic jumpers. However, this year, I wanted more than just a basic, black and boring jumper. I was seeking a collection of bold and colourful pieces that could brighten my monotonous winter wardrobe.  I also wanted to explore different brands rather than proceeding to my go-to favourites straight away. The browse for some sexy looking jumpers started and finished on ASOS. I was in luck and found quite a few!

fe7c94ec-21b2-44a9-a405-80e6ac223b60-e1507833480750.jpgProcessed with VSCO with c1 presetProcessed with VSCO with c1 presetProcessed with VSCO with c1 presetThis jumper is probably my favourite out of them all. The contrast of the black and luminous yellow creates a really cohesive look. The double flute sleeves add extra flair and structure to the look.

   Miss Selfridge Double Flute Sleeve JumperASOS Farleigh High Waist Slim Mom Jeans & the boots are last years TopShop, (second-hand pair here: TopShop Tortoise Shell Boots) but these are pretty much identical and less expensive: Public Desire Tortoise Shell Boots. The backpack is a lil bit old so here is another one: Stradivarius Mini Black Backpack.

Processed with VSCO with c1 presetProcessed with VSCO with c1 presetProcessed with VSCO with c1 preset

This crushed ribbed velvet jumper with ballooned sleeves offers an alternate to the usual autumnal colour scheme. From the frilly detail to the gold chains, this serves quite a quirky look.

River Island Balloon Sleeve Chenille Jumper & Chunky Tortoise Shell Sunglasses. The original blouse is last year H&M, my bad, but here is something similar: H&M Frilled Blouse.

I admire this jumper’s more adventurous shape. I like how you can add to it by wearing a lacey bralette. I have been loving this Free People Bralette with it too.

Micha Lounge Wrap Back Jumper & Vintage Ralph Lauren Jeans (Similar).

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Although this jumper is the definition if ‘monochromatic’, I still think it has a slight edge to it. The red leather trousers give me a real Sandy from Grease vibe but I think the jumper compliments them really well.

 E.L.K Hoodie Jumper In Checkerboard  ,  Bershka Leather Look Skinny Trouser & Comme Des Garcons Play X Converse Chuck Taylor 1970S HI.

Thank you for reading my first post, I hope you got some jumper inspiration!